the amazing cockroach -.-"

Did you know that the cockroach can live without its head for an entire week? The facts about this insect will amaze you.
Let's say a cockroach finds itself in a frigid climate where the temperature has plunged below freezing. What do you think it would do? Keep in mind that the mercury has dropped below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, 0 Celsius.If you roll your eyes and answer, "Whatever," you're absolutely right. The cockroach would do whatever it needs to do to exist. If it were living near you, this tough, little insect would simply become your housemate. So you haven't bought groceries for about two weeks? No problem. The cockroach holds a black belt to the infinite degree in survival.

This six-legged critter can live without food for an entire month and hold its breath for forty minutes if necessary. Even if you cut off its head, it would still run around the house for about a week before dying of thirst because its brain is not in its head. It's scattered throughout its body.

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